Why Choose

Stones River Consulting?

Most small businesses are underserved by the retirement plan industry, with much of the personal attention being paid to large companies.

This leaves most small businesses with retirement plans that are wrong for their goals, far too expensive, and with poor customer support when things go sideways.

Stones River Consulting was founded to provide small business with the retirement plans and service normally reserved for the largest companies. We are devoted to working with business owners and their financial advisors to ensure the retirement plans we create:

  • Match the business owner’s financial goals
  • Give the business owner maximum value
  • Provide a powerful benefit to the company’s employees
  • Allow the business owner to focus on their company while we handle the plan details

Our Model

At Stones River Consulting, we work with financial advisors to create an ideal retirement plan for small business owners. Our model involves three parties:

  • Financial Advisors
  • Investment Providers
  • The Stones River Consulting team
Our job is to design, document and ensure that all plans are in compliance with the most up to date law. We work with financial advisors to communicate all options available to the client, and to understand the needs of the business owner. In addition, we also work directly with investment providers to keep track of their information and responsibilities, which includes:

  • Quarterly Statements
  • Record Keeping
  • Providing Requested Information… and more!

Meet the Stones River

Consulting Leadership

Our purpose is to serve our clients through custom-fit retirement plans, exceptional service, and a sense of humor. We know small businesses don’t get that kind of attention in the retirement industry, but we’re okay with being a little different. 

Chris Oneal

“Most small business are under-served and over-billed for their retirement plans”, Chris concluded after 17 years of working in all aspects of the retirement…

Head of Security and Naps

Since we hired Maggie, coordinated squirrel and mountain lion attacks have gone down significantly.

Dena (Ellis) Oneal
Director of Operations

Dena Oneal joined Stones River Consulting in October of 2020. She has over twenty-five years of experience in project management…

Sean Oneal
Client Relationship Manager

Sean Oneal joined Stones River Consulting as a Relationship Manager following his graduation from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.


Brooke Sanfilippo, QKA, QKC
Administrative Consultant

Brooke Sanfilippo joined the staff of Stones River Consulting in October of 2017 as an Administrative Consultant. She is a graduate…

Mindy French
Client Relationship Manager

Local to middle Tennessee her whole life, she takes pride being a trust-worthy people person, with a passion for solving problems.

MaryAnna Erlandsson
Project Consultant

MaryAnna Erlandsson joined Stones River Consulting in January of 2016 as a project based consultant, bringing over 30 years…


Ricardo Osorio
Administrative Consultant

Ricardo joined Stones River Consulting in May 2021.  He has over 20 years of experience in the retirement plan industry…

Kasey Broker
Client Relationship Manager

Kasey Brooker joined Stones River Consulting as a Relationship Manager in July, 2016. She has over ten years of experience…

Kei Lani Rossetto
Administrative Consultant

Kei Lani joined Stones River Consulting in the Spring of 2021 as an Administrative Consultant. She has been working in the retirement industry since 2017…


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Julie Gorman
Compliance Manager

Julie Gorman joined Stones River Consulting in November 2021 as a Compliance Manager. She holds her QPA designation from ASPPA…


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Daisy Mejia

Daisy Mejia joined Stones River Consulting in January 2022.  Her responsibilities include in-depth compliance testing, calculations, trust accounting…


Amber Loring profile photo
Amber Loring
Relationship Manager

Amber Loring joined Stones River Consulting in Fall of 2021 as a Relationship Manager.  She has worked in the retirement industry for over 20 years. She obtained…